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Converj Card enriches the supplier-buyer-Bank relationship to source timely/early payments for suppliers at lower cost, assuring incentives for Buyers and low risk for Financial Institutions

Solution For Businesses

Converj Card powers frictionless early payments for suppliers while buyers retain supplier credit terms and earn cash rewards.

Solution For Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions across the world can issue Converj Card and increase their business payment and credit volumes.

Our Excellence

Converj revolutionizes payment processing making payments and credit inclusive and 3X cheaper.

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Protecting your data

Strong levels of encryption at each stage of data movement and storage as appropriate. Additional processes and tools to top up the native security provided by AWS.

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Strong Partnerships

Converj strengthens its capabilities with enterprise grade technologies and products but avoids re-inventing the wheel. Our solution partners are leaders in their respective domains with established track records.

Solutions We Provide

The path-breaking Converj Cloud Card enables payments at 3x lower acceptance and credit cost. It streamlines business payments and helps businesses get paid early.

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