Converj Card is a co-branded credit card issued to Buyers for making early supplier payments. Unlike traditional corporate credit cards, Converj Card comes with lower acceptance cost for suppliers and business-friendly bill payment terms for the Buyers.

Buyers can make card payments to their suppliers like a normal credit card. Converj Card is used for early payments to suppliers. Buyers can earn cash rewards when they use Converj Card for supplier payments. Register your business to find out more.

Buyers with existing bank credit lines are eligible for Converj Card. Suppliers just need a bank account to receive payments from their buyers. Yes it is that’s easy!

Limits can be set up by the Buyers to have internal controls for signature authority, risk etc. Limits can be set up per transaction, daily, supplier-wise etc.

Up to 90 Days is generally considered normal risk-free payment term on invoices. Converj Card doesn’t set any default period but provides the freedom to the Buyer and Supplier to decide what works between them based on cost of borrowing.

No additional balance sheet impact outside of existing current liability on payables.

Converj Card is relatively more secure as it is a special purpose card (only for early payments to suppliers) which is fully under the control of the card holder (Buyer). Unlike other cards, Converj Card can’t be used for general purpose merchant-initiated payments, which has relatively higher chances for fraud. Converj Card use is tokenized and therefore the card number is not exposed for making payments.

Converj Card is issued by banks and therefore the early payments are facilitated at normal bill discounting rates, much lower rates than alternate bill discounting methods.

Buyers initiate Converj Card payments as soon as the supplier invoice is approved, often times fully automated, and then payments are processed real-time thereby making funds available for use immediately.

Converj Card reduces acceptance cost by nearly 90% compared to traditional cards for business expenses thereby making the cost of early payments for suppliers closer to Institutional lending rates.

Converj Global provides all processing capabilities to issue and manage the cards, facilitate payments, make reconciliation reports available to both suppliers and buyers, manage billing and repayment tracking on behalf of banks.

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